Antoni Garcia: The True Finale

Well, it’s all come down to this.  I actually thought there would be one more post before I got to Antoni’s last few submissions, but that’ll have to wait, possibly until next year.  However, this is the true last set of posts from Antoni for RRR 2019.

Antoni Garcia: When Fanarts Collide

In (I think) his final submissions this go-round, Antoni has a lot of his fanart to share.

InuYasha x Ayame Collage:

Ginta x Shunran Collage:

Mitch x Bunny Collage:

Butch x Bubbles Collage:

Brick x Buttercup Collage:

Boomer x Blossom Collage:

Critical Kid Reviews: Silent Night, Bloody Night (THE FIRST CHRISTMAS SLASHER) (Reupload)

I think this is only the second time in years that we can say that a video has been years overdue, but this is actually a reupload of one of Critical Kid’s old holiday reviews from 2014.  So now, you can all see it again.

Mahan’s Media: The End Of The Decade

Let’s ring in the new year with Mahan’s last few reviews of 2019!

The Report (2019) Review:

The House That Jack Built (2019) Review:

Homecoming: A Film By Beyonce Review:

Rolling Thunder Revue: A Bob Dylan Story By Martin Scorcese Review:

Antoni Garcia: OTPs and Operas

And Antoni has a collection of motivational posters and opera vlogs as well.

The Bachelors and OTPs of Townsville:–4TzYh0ZcAS41qy_k2neXNPc7YdYGDAEyLWlw

Brick and Buttercup Motivational Poster:

Mahan’s Media: Twas The Day After Christmas…

And Mahan gave to me…three new reviews.

Earthquake Bird Review:

Brittany Runs A Marathon Review:

The Goldfinch Review: