Antoni Garcia: OTPs and Operas

And Antoni has a collection of motivational posters and opera vlogs as well.

The Bachelors and OTPs of Townsville:–4TzYh0ZcAS41qy_k2neXNPc7YdYGDAEyLWlw

Brick and Buttercup Motivational Poster:

Antoni Garcia: Songs and Ships Part 2

A post very similar to the last one, but Antoni has more holiday music and shipping rants for us!

Top 10 InuYasha OTPs:

Top 5 Disney Male Slash Pairings:

Antoni Garcia: Songs And Ships

Surprisingly, today Antoni has something besides opera vlogs, with not only music, but a few text posts about shipping in various fandoms.

PPG/RRB Ships:

Various OTP’s: