About The Project

Red Ribbon Reviewers began in September, 2010 as a way for internet based video reviewers to spread awareness and discussion on HIV and AIDS. Through the simple act of wearing a red ribbon during video reviews, it is hoped that this small but potent symbol will be recognized and discussed and that proper information about HIV, AIDS and its prevention be provided.

6 thoughts on “About The Project

  1. I’m would like to know how the Wrestle-Cast can get involved… we’re going to mention the project on our Best and worst of special (which we record tonight!)

  2. Hi Steven. I contributed to the project in 2010 as NOTYETUSEDNAME. This year, I’m looking to get the reviewers at Manic Expression blogsite involved in this project. What do I need to do, where do we send our contributions? I hope we can help in this worthy endeavor, my friend. Peace.

  3. Hello, my name is Aitor Molina and I’m a Spanish reviewer. I really wanted to participate in this project making a long and epic DBZ Battle of Gods review in my language with English subtitles so your work can be noticed in my country and Latin America. Even the Cartoon Hero made a cameo.

    But I couldn’t complete it because collegue and the “blue screen”, so I started subtitling a previous review (which my fans consider the best) and I’m losing too much time. So I thought on doing something different if you agree:

    I have all the dialogue from it translated into English. What about if you post the video and all the translated review as a script so people can open the blog in two windows and read while they watch?

    Please, answer me as soon as you can by any webpage so I can pass you the “script”:



    Thank you.

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