HIV Information Links

The Body.Org – One of the most comprehensive sites on the internet not only for HIV and AIDS prevention, but plenty of information for those who are positive.

Canadian AIDS Treatment Information Exchange – An international AIDS charity. – AIDS Committee Of London, Steve volunteers here.

Testing Week – Are you doing it? Find information on getting tested here.

The AIDS Committee Of Cambridge, Kitchener, Waterloo & Area

AIDS Committee Of Toronto – One of the largest regional AIDS Committees.

AIDS Vancouver – Another large regional organization.

New York AIDS Coalition – A longstanding group with an interesting history to say the least.

AIDS Foundation Of Chicago

Cascade AIDS Project – Servicing Portland, OR.

AIDS Project Los Angeles

National AIDS Trust – Servicing the UK.

There are so many service organizations out there that if you don’t see one near you listed here, just do a search online for the closest AIDS organization near you. To add to the list, please email Steve at

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