Greg MacDuck

Pop Arena Christmas Bonanza! Check out his Blip.TV channel here!

Part 1: A Babysitters Special Christmas

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Part 2: George And The Christmas Star

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Part 3: A Pink Christmas

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Part 4: The Cabbage Patch Kids’ First Christmas

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Part 5: Kathie Lee’s Rock ‘n Tots Cafe

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Part 6: Ziggy’s Gift

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Part 7: A Family Circus Christmas

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Part 8: B.C. A Special Christmas

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Part 9: The Story Of Santa Claus

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Part 10: A Special Sesame Street Christmas

Part 11: Christmas In Oz

Part 12: Winnie The Pooh And Christmas Too!

Part 13: The Bear Who Slept Through Christmas

Part 14: A Very Merry Crickett

Part 15: Shining Time Station – Tis A Gift

Part 16: Christmas In Tattertown

Part 17: The Wish That Changed Christmas

Part 18: The First Christmas

Part 19: Bluetoes The Christmas Elf

Part 20: Julie Andrews – The Sound Of Christmas


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