Antoni Garcia: When Fanarts Collide

In (I think) his final submissions this go-round, Antoni has a lot of his fanart to share.

InuYasha x Ayame Collage:

Ginta x Shunran Collage:

Mitch x Bunny Collage:

Butch x Bubbles Collage:

Brick x Buttercup Collage:

Boomer x Blossom Collage:

Antoni Garcia: OTPs and Operas

And Antoni has a collection of motivational posters and opera vlogs as well.

The Bachelors and OTPs of Townsville:–4TzYh0ZcAS41qy_k2neXNPc7YdYGDAEyLWlw

Brick and Buttercup Motivational Poster:

TheHeroOfTomorrow-Equestria Girls: Holidays Unwrapped Review

Here’s my second contribution this year, with a review of the end of Equestria Girls…without really getting the chance to talk about the rest of it first, but hey, Hasbro rushed this out too.