The Cartoon Hero Presents: Rise of the Guardians

Season 9, Episode 321.

The Hero finishes off the holiday 2017 reviews with another modern Christmas classic! (Albeit at a weird angle. Blame a broken tripod.)


Mahan’s Media: Conjuring Boy, Tiger Girl, Marguerite

And of course, we’ve got more from Mahan’s Media!

The Boy and the Beast Review:

The Conjuring 2 Review:

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Sword of Destiny Review:

The Girl King Review:

Marguerite Review:

Mahan’s Media: Jones?! AAAAAHHHHH!!!

And here’s another two submissions from Mahan’s Media, aka “Me Having Fun With Titles.”

Free State of Jones Review:

Aaaaaaah! Review:

Mahan’s Media: Rogue Shadows in the Trees

Ah, that’s more like it–here’s a quadruple update from Mahan’s Media!

The Sea of Trees Review:

The Forest Review:

Rogue One Review:

TMNT 2: Out of the Shadows Review: