Mahan’s Media: A (Day After) Christmas Mahan

And it wouldn’t be Christmas without a big pile of gifts from Mahan’s Media.

Illang: The Wolf Brigade:

Can You Ever Forgive Me?:


Anna and the Apocalypse:

Bird Box:

Sweet Country:

Phantom Thread:


Mahan’s Media: A Four-Way Split

Time to do some more catching up. First, Mahan has four reviews for us.


Day of the Dead: Bloodline:

The Week Of:

Father of the Year:

Red Ribbon Reviewers: 2017 Promo

GAIA’s website:
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Red Ribbon Reviewers Facebook Page:
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Red Ribbon Reviewers Site:

It’s time.

Mahan’s Media: The Last Set

And Mahan’s Media has this final set for us!

Independence Day: Resurgence Review:

Jack Reacher: Never Go Back Review:

Moana Review:

Finding Dory Review: