Mahan’s Media: Twas The Day After Christmas…

And Mahan gave to me…three new reviews.

Earthquake Bird Review:

Brittany Runs A Marathon Review:

The Goldfinch Review:

Mahan’s Media: A (Day After) Christmas Mahan

And it wouldn’t be Christmas without a big pile of gifts from Mahan’s Media.

Illang: The Wolf Brigade:

Can You Ever Forgive Me?:


Anna and the Apocalypse:

Bird Box:

Sweet Country:

Phantom Thread:

Spongey444: It’s A Spongey Christmas

Spongey returns with a look at a holiday grab bag of specials, followed by a movie that’s a spooky good time.

A Look At Disney/Cartoon Network Christmas Episodes (2018):

A Look at Warner Bros Cartoon Christmas Episodes:

The Nightmare Before Christmas: