Passing It On

Hi everyone, Steve here with my last message for the Red Ribbon Reviewers blog. When I began this two years ago, I was amazed at the response. I feel bad that last year wasn’t nearly as huge. That was my fault. Sorry guys. This year, I have even less time and more personal issues to deal with so I didn’t even get the ball rolling on this one. I was hoping that someone was going to take over months ago but that kind of fell through for the same reasons I can’t really handle this responsibility anymore. After all, I retired almost 2 years ago from the video making scene, I don’t have a lot of the connections anymore and to come in now with this when there’s a whole new generation of reviewers, well Larry Kramer I am not nor could I pretend to be.

But you know what? This isn’t dead because someone contacted me tonight and is serious about taking the project over and, yes, has the contacts to make it go on. Your hero and mine, ladies, gentlemen and either/neither, The Cartoon Hero is taking over!
No, I am not playing the Bonnie Tyler song.

But I do want to thank all of you who were involved and I want to thank those of you who want to stay involved and those of you just coming into this. If you have the time, I encourage you to volunteer with your local HIV/AIDS charitable organizations, learn about risks and talk to your partners about it.



More videos!

Sorry I haven’t been posting much this year. To be quite honest, I haven’t been home to do so. Really. I’ve been working, travelling and am very sorry I haven’t been able to devote the time necessary to this project. After today, I will no longer be running this. In my stead, I’ve asked Arthur Knowledge to take over. He’s going to do much better next year. Will I be involved? I don’t know. I’ve been out of the reviewing game for a long time and don’t have the connections necessary to really push this anymore.

Here are the remaining videos.


Matty Jay:

part 1

part 2

Derek the Bard

EZ Rider, A toku TIme Christmas



Critic TV:

Mikey Eddy:


Once again, I thank everyone who participated and I apologize if I missed your update. Keep an eye here next year when Arthur takes over. I know he’ll do a great job!

Woo! Videos!

Also, hoyl shit, I’m posting! Anyway we have a lot of updates to go through so I’ll be brief: Happy holidays everyone. With the knockouts of TGWTG and Reviewtopia, there hasn’t been much in way of videos however I’ve also been really crazy busy, unlike last year when I was half-working at RIM and had far more connections. Anyway, here we go:

The Smeghead!

Derek the Bard!

Infamous Queer!

Cin Wicked!


The Blockbuster Chick! (She has 5 episodes going on for 5 days!)



Right, I’m sure there are more, if there are please let me know!




A video! Hooray!

It’s been a rough month here at RRR HQ with physical injury, long shifts at work and waiting to hear from people who have videos posted but we have some!

From the lovely Laci Green:


Also, I’d be remiss to not mention Gomer’s site, he is awesome. Go love him. I may ask him and Arthur Knowledge to take over for this next year.