Happy New Year–And Thank You

Hey people, TheHeroOfTomorrow here.  Now first of all I’d like to wish you all a happy 2013, and hopefully it’ll be even better than last year.  That being said–it’s gonna be pretty damn hard to top this one, at least as far as this site is concerned. 

You–all of you–you made this possible.  I’m told I’m a famous Internet personality at times, but when I see how famous other people are I have a hard time believing that.  I say this because I don’t have the charisma, or the connections, that others would have in order to make this project more successful.  So really, I owe everything that happened this year to all of the contributors who promoted this site, shared it with friends, and kept the fire going.  In the end, I’m just the guy who puts your videos here.  You guys provide the content.  And did you EVER.  Within only a month of prep time, we got around 37 posts.  Now granted, a couple of them were missing episodes from the previous year, and four of them were from me–but minus all of those, that’s still thirty-one posts–one for every day in December.  When you think about that, and the fact that I only gave you one month to prepare–again, sorry for the short notice–you guys went WAY above and beyond expectations to make this happen. 

I don’t care if people take issue with me gushing over how awesome these contributors are–because for making this happen, you are.  And here’s hoping next year will be even better.  This time, I’ll start contacting people at the end of October–maybe then it won’t be such a hassle.  See you guys later this year, so we can make this happen again! 

–Yours truly,

Eli “TheHeroOfTomorrow” Stone.


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