The New Batch

Thank you for that introduction, Steven.  Now, for those who don’t know me, greetings, I am Eli Stone, also known as The Cartoon Hero, or TheHeroOfTomorrow.  I’d tell you a bit more about myself, but suffice to say I have a small-time review series where I review animated movies, some good some bad (with a few live-action movies and video games on the side).  But this isn’t about me.  This is about something much bigger.

Steven and I have known each other since the Land Before Time sequels collaboration back on the TGWTG forums–hard to believe it’s been years since then.  I consider him a good friend, and I know that this cause is one that’s worth supporting.  Now I know that Steven has retired from reviewing and if he can’t handle it, that’s fine.  But SOMEBODY has to run this site.  And though I’m not the most adept at running a blog, looks like that someone’s going to be me.

But more importantly, this site isn’t going to work without YOU, the person reading this.  The reviewers who follow this site–WE NEED YOUR CONTENT.  We wouldn’t be able to spread the word without all of you.  So how does it work, for those who need a refresher?  Simple–wear a red HIV/AIDS awareness ribbon in your videos.  It can be on you, in the background, just as long as you make sure to talk about this site or otherwise mention it in your video as well.

AIDS is something that no one deserves to get, and neither is HIV, though it’s no longer as deadly as it once was, but keeping you and others safe is the top priority of this ribbon, and this project in general.  So to those of you who aren’t reviewers, I hope you enjoy the reviews, but that you help to spread the word as well. For those who are, send your submissions to me on the TGWTG forums, the Red Ribbon Reviewer Twitter account (or you can send it to me directly @CartoonHeroGuy) or send me a message on this blog or Youtube (TheHeroOfTomorrow).  The unofficial deadline is December 31st, but if you can’t make it in that time due to short notice, we’ll still post it here.  After all, no one’s contribution deserves to be overlooked.

–Best wishes for a happy and healthy holiday season, Eli Stone.


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