Wow! A lot of updates!

Hey! If you check out the Who’s Posted section, you’re going to see a few new entries under the Independent Reviewers and Reviewers Unknown sections. We have new entries from Shea, Pop Czar, The Smeghead, A fantastic Kermit The Frog imitation from the Mice At Work guys, The Hardcore Kid, DukeCT and a new episode of Spine Breakers with Mikey Insanity showing some RRR love.

Just so you know updates are going to get a little sparse over the next few days but they will happen! And yes, I will get more of Greg MacDuck’s stuff up as well 🙂

In other news, Holy Shit! Many thanks to all of you who sent me this link. This news is awesome and may show the way to not only new treatments but a viable and readily available cure.

As Fred Lush said in the ACOL 25th anniversary video: “My hope for the future of ACOL is that one day it does not exist.” Truer words were never spoken.

Love, condoms and happy double cheeseburger-mas.


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