Update for October 15th

Wow, what a week! Well, actually, that’s just in my personal life so I’ll leave that as it is. We’ve somewhat plateaued for the time being for new reviewers joining in but you know what? We’ve got a hell of an awesome group already! I’m hoping more will come and I have a lot of people to contact. I also intend to re-organize the Who’s In page next week to be a bit more… alphabetical and detailed in nature.

That said, I’ve been working with Sean from Mice At Work on a little monologue we’d like to turn into a video involving everyone who’s in who wants to join in on it. If you want in on a video promoting RRR, please shoot me an email at redribbonreviewers@gmail.com or a message on twitter at @RedRbnReviewers. It’s actually a pretty good read now that it’s been drafted.

That said, if you have any friends or family members living with or who have passed on from complications of HIV/AIDS and want to put up a video talking about them, go right ahead. I know a couple of you have mentioned this and if you want to share your story I would be honoured to put it up on the site.

And on a final note, I would like to wish good luck to Detroit, host of They Made Me Watch This! who has had to step away from the internet for a time. I hope it’s brief and wish you a speedy return, my friend. Your name is still on the Who’s In list.

Peace, love and autumn sweaters,
Steven James


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