A Special Request

Hello everyone,

This is Steven James, host of Music Gives Me Superpowers, You Should Probably Read More and Big Queer Reviews on thegeekfighters.com.

I’m here today with a request for you, my fellow video reviewers no matter what site you’re affiliated with, be it The Geek Fighters, Xtreme Network Online, Channel Awesome, Screwattack, Team Grue or any other site out there full of creative people with interesting ideas and views on pop culture.

December first is World AIDS Day, a day for remembrance and education. Right now, as it stands, the epidemic is almost in its thirtieth year and infection levels are rising back to numbers last seen in 1982 predominantly amongst young, straight men and women. Approximately a third of the infected population don’t know they are infected with HIV*.

While science is still making breakthroughs, there are only treatments, no cures and no vaccines so right now the best way to prevent transmission is through education on HIV, AIDS, its causes and ways to keep safe.

So this December, I am asking you to join me by wearing a red ribbon, the international symbol of AIDS awareness, in at least one of your reviews. It is a small symbol but it is powerful and it will get people thinking and talking about HIV and AIDS awareness. Silence still equals death so let’s make a statement.

Are you in?

* information courtesy of AIDS Committee Of London, visit them at http://aidslondon.com


2 thoughts on “A Special Request

  1. Hello’ I Represent the Mice At Work Podcast A Disney themed Podcast I host with 3 other people. While as of right now’ We don’t do videocasts. We will do whatever you require of us to help your cause.

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